The 6th Balla Bluegrass Festival in Balla, Co. Mayo is on the bank holiday weekend in late October. The venues are Mannions and the Olde Woods, both on the main street in Balla, Co Mayo.

Balla Bluegrass Festival 2014


8:00pm @ Mannions –  Tall Pines String Band;

10:30pm @ The Olde Woods –  Down and Out Bluegrass Band


Balla Bluegrass Festival 2014

3:00pm @ Mannions – Demolition String Band

8:00pm @ The Olde Woods –  Hickory Wind

10:30pm @ Mannions –  Tim Rogers & the Clew Bay Critters


Balla Bluegrass Festival 2014


8:00pm @ Mannions –  John Nyhan String Band

10:30pm @ The Olde Woods –  The Bread Winners


Balla Bluegrass Festival 2014



7:00pm @ Mannions –  Colonel Bullshot Rides Again


Win a Guitar!

As usual we will have a raffle over the festival weekend for a guitar!

More info from Chris Mannion (094 9365093) or Tom Lyons (087 2296018; 094 9365200; ).

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